Lightwood Ave

Completed in 2019, Lightwood Ave was a new build that presented an architectural dilemma for our client. The property was situated on a steep hill with a 25 degree gradient. We presented our client with two options: the first being a site cut into the hill supported by three or four tiers of retaining walls, the second was to design a split level home that utilized the steepness of the land. Our client chose the second option and while not the cheapest was definitely the most architecturally pleasing. We designed and built a spacious four bedroom, open living home that gives the appearance of a large modern two story house from the southeast as you drive in. This is accentuated by cemintel cladding that wraps around the home for continuity. A private alfresco lays to the northeast allowing the large double car garage to blend in while simultaneously stepping down with the land. Recycled bricks were then added to the northeast face which served to further camouflage the severity of the land and soften the homes overall appearance.